Flash Fiction Archive 2017

Flash Fiction Words:

AVERSION: Aversion By Anne Nassar

Week 6 Word Aversion Word Count 273 Aversion By Anne Nassar Upon opening the door to Michelle’s office, she gagged. She’d developed an

BANE: Bane By Janie D

Bane Janie D Now, she was a seemingly rational individual and realized that expelling him from her life was a wise move. Sometimes

BANE: Bane By Miriam Mancuso

Word: BANE Word Count: Bane By Miriam Mancuso Kendra was tired but she could stay awake long enough to see her little brother’s

BANE: Over Run By Nan Ressue

Week 3 Word:BANE Word Count 452 OVER RUN Nan Ressue It’s the little things in life that can make you crazy. Let me

BEQUEATH: Harmony By Sharon Collins

Word: TRANSFORM/BEQUEATH Word Count 197 Harmony By Sharon Collins Cuddled in the soft elbow of a shallow stream, the graveyard of St. Just-in-Roseland

BLESSED: Blessed By Maggie Robertson

Week 18: BLESSED Word Count: 337 Blessed By Maggie Robertson It’s Saturday morning, breakfast time, and my cell phone rings. Normally I don’t

DANCES: Dances By Anne Nassar

Word: Dances Word Count 512 Dances By Anne Nassar His mother died in a car accident, when he was twelve. He began having

EPIPHANY: Epiphany B.A. Sarvey

Word: EPIPHANY Word Count 500 Epiphany B.A. Sarvey Her epiphany came slowly—not in a thunder of fireworks, like that sort of thing is

EYELASHES: Wishes By Peg Scarano

Word: Eyelashes Word Count: 494 Wishes By Peg Scarano It had been one of those days when nothing went right and everything went

FLESH: Flesh By Anne Nassar

Word: FLESH Word Count 458 Flesh By Anne Nassar Ella got a work-study job in the college library. It was open until 2

FLESH: The Nightmare by Sally Madison

Word:FLESH Words: 418 The Nightmare by Sally Madison “Mother,” Julie called from the kitchen, “I brewed us some tea before bed.” Dressed in

FLOAT: Float By Anne Nassar

Word: FLOAT Word Count 468 Float By Anne Nassar It was the wrong place for a meal of mercy. You had to walk

FOUND: Found By Anne Nassar

Week 4 Word: FOUND Word Count 435 Found Anne Nassar Going through her mother’s papers, Allie found a letter from a doctor’s office.

FOUND: Found By B.A. Sarvey

Week 4 Word: Found Word Count 498 Found by B.A. Sarvey “They found me,” Rosie gasped. “Gol-darn-it!” All that effort wasted. Bah! Broken

FOUND: Found By JH Malin

Week 4 Word: FOUND Word count 494 Found JH Malin I weaved my car around the concrete barriers as I entered Ft. Monmoth,

FOUND: Found Treasure By G. Ackman

Word: FOUND Word Count 500 Found Treasure by G. Ackman Hunched over on the swing, Hannah’s hand clenched a dirt-encrusted ring she had

GIFT: Godiva By Nan Ressue

Week 8 Word: GIFT Word Count GODIVA NAN RESSUE “Hi Grandma. It’s Eva,” said a sweet voice on my cell phone. It’s the

LICK: Seasons By Peg Scarano

Word: Lick Word Count: 499 Seasons Peg Scarano Living in upstate New York allows one to experience the full scope of Mother Nature’s

LICK: Sticky Licks By Nan Ressue

Word: LICK Word Count: 302 Sticky Licks Nan Ressue Occupations open to young girls used to be pretty limited and could be written

MAHOGANY: Turn By Sharon Collins

Week 5 Word: MAHOGANY Word Count 497 Turn Sharon Collins “To everything, Turn, Turn, Turn, There is a season, Turn, Turn, Turn…” She

OCEANIC: Oceanic By Anne Nassar

Word: OCEANIC Word Count 465 Oceanic By Anne Nassar Both the front door and the back door were locked. “Well, great,” Sophie groused,


Word: OCEANIC Word count: 431 SILENCE By Beverly Jones There never is enough silence. In fact, there never is, ever, any silence in

PARODY: Going Home Sally Madison

Week 11 Word: PARODY Word Count 348 Going Home Sally Madison Lindsey had applied at several schools, but she wanted Los Angles. Otis

PILOT: Encore By Sharon Collins

Word: PILOT Word Count 563 Encore By Sharon Collins Every autumn we re-enact a Comedy of Errors before the proscenium arch of our

PILOT: Pilot By Anne Nassar

Word: PILOT Word Count Pilot By Anne Nassar Ella couldn’t go to school. And so her world was very small, and Tessa was

POT: Finders Weepers By Michael S. Jones

Word: POT Word Count: 500 FINDERS WEEPERS by Michael S Jones A first-day intern discovered it. Newbies always think they find something “earth-shattering.”

POT: Homecoming By Joann Dickson

WORD: Pot Word Count 447 Homecoming By Joann Dickson It was the trip of a lifetime. Michael had always promised Maria that they

POT: Potpourri By Peg Scarano

Word: Pot Word Count: 412 Potpourri Peg Scarano There comes a time in a young woman’s life when she has to stop planting

PRICKLY: Prickly By Nan Ressue

Word: PRICKLY Word Count 565 Prickly By Nan Ressue It was a Thanksgiving dinner like all others until we answered a knock on

PRICKLY: Sabra By Mike Cecconi

Word: Prickly Word Count 500 Sabra By Mike Cecconi   The prickly pear is not a pear and while it’s also sometimes known

SARDONIC: Sardonic By Anne Nassar

Word: SARDONIC Word Count: 492 Sardonic By Anne Nassar They were descended from Polish royalty, or so her mother always said. But she

SHADOW: Shadow By Nan Ressue

Word: SHADOW Word Count 426 Shadow Nan Ressue Maybe this is the day I can make my dream come true. I have thought

SHADOW: Shadow of Revenge by G. Ackman

Word: SHADOW Word Count 499 Shadow of Revenge by G. Ackman Have you ever considered committing a criminal act? Deliberately and consciously contemplating

SILENCE: Silence By Anne Nassar

Word: SILENCE Word Count 566 Silence By Anne Nassar “Mom’s home,” Ella observed. “It can’t be,” Lynn said, “it’s only five-thirty.”But when she

SOIL: Fertile Soil By B.A. Sarvey

Week 2 Word: SOIL Word Count 499 Fertile Soil By B.A. SarveySoiled. Mama hurled the word like a stone. Huddled, half-naked, shivering before

SOIL: Soil By Zachary Keep

Week 2 Word: SOIL Word Count 500 Soil Zachary Keep “You’re gonna’ die in the dirt, old fool.” The sheriff said it, his

SOIL: Stringed Soil By Jane Malin

Week 2 Word: SOIL Word Count 496 Stringed Soil Jane Malin The gardener prepared the soil. Metal rectangles stood like heads atop black

SOUL: Soul By Jane Malin

Week 10 Word: SOUL Word Count 451 Soul By Jane Malin The bass was all she could hear pounding its way through the

SOUL: Soul By Zachary Keep

Week 10 Word: SOUL Word Count 498 Soul By Zachary Keep TX3472 had spent the last 40 years contemplating his soul. Standing on

STITCH: Sapiens By Sharon Collins

Stitch Word Count 500 Sapiens By Sharon Collins I did not witness my Grandmother’s Judgement, although I was present, in-utero, but present nonetheless.

WHISPER: Home By Peg Scarano

Word: Whisper Word Count: 471 HOME By Peg Scarano I can’t remember the moment when my life actually began. I only know I


Word: WHISPER Word Count 500+ PPSSSST! Nan Ressue “PSSSSST! PSSSSST! Grandma, I’m over here;” whispered my youngest granddaughter from her hideout behind the

YES: Say Yes By Clare Robertson

Word: YES Word Count 56 Say Yes By Clare Robertson “Did she just get taken by Death?” Magnus asked. “Yes.” “Can we save

YES: Yes By B.A. Sarvey

Word: YES Word Count 500 Yes B.A. Sarvey Her silver locks fell softly, partially obscuring her face. No longer sheltered by her loden