Wireless Internet Policy

In addition to Internet access using a Library-provided desktop computer, the Little Falls Public Library now also offers wireless “WiFi” access to the Library’s Internet.

Most users may simply bring their wireless-enabled laptop computer or other wireless device to the Library and turn it on. The Library does not provide wireless cards. Most WiFi equipment will be compatible. However, the library can make no guarantees as to compatibility of your equipment with the Library’s network. The entire building is wireless accessible; however, signal strength may vary and is not guaranteed. No printing services are available when using wireless access to the Library’s Internet. Please note that the Library staff cannot assist you with your laptop, card, or configuration. The Library cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment.

As with most public wireless access, the Library’s wireless connection is not secure.

There can be unreliable parties between you and anybody with whom you communicate, and any information being transmitted could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. Cautious and informed wireless users should choose not to transmit personal information (credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information) while using any wireless “hot spot.” Please take appropriate precautions when using this service.

All wireless access users should have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices.

The library will not be responsible for any information (i.e. credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to your hardware or software due to electric surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking.

All users are expected to use the library’s wireless access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided.

Use of Little Falls Public Library’s wireless network is entirely at the risk of the user. The Library disclaims all liability for loss of confidential information or damages resulting from that loss.

There is no guarantee of service at any specific time.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees, October 18, 2011